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Climate Circles

We are the first group in New York to provide a space for strategists working in advertising who are heated by the climate crisis to connect, vent and ideate.

We have a simple goal to unite strategists who want to chat climate. And we're on a mission is to normalize climate talk and action in advertising. We host intimate gatherings and publish newsletters once a month, to unite and engage with this climate-strategist community.

Founder Story

Freya was raised by the ocean in Aotearoa and made a career move to the Big Apple. With over a decade in advertising, Freya has always championed using her skills for good. As a Global Brand Strategy expert and Ecopreneur, she knows that the power of persuasion can drive real change. Lately, she has been fixated on this question, how can we redirect our skills from upholding the status quo to tackling the climate crisis?


As she takes on sustainability projects and embarks on courses to level up, she's found a gap. There's a wealth of resources and support groups forming abroad but why is there no real dialogue in New York? And this was her reason for launching 'Climate Circles NYC.' She knows deep down she can't be alone in this pursuit and wants to bring like-minded people together to experience the magic of climate connection and action.



We're always looking to connect with climate-concerned people in advertising. Let's chat.

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